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Jawatan Kosong YSNS

About Yayasan Sofa Negeri Sembilan (YSNS)

Yayasan Sofa Negeri Sembilan (YSNS) which was established on 17 February 2004 as the heart of the aspects of human capital development, education and research in the sciences of Islam based on the three joint doctrine that Iman, Islam and Ihsan. The holding company based Sunnah wal Jama’ah based on the Quran, as the Sunnah, Ijma and Qias, Sofa Foundation huge responsibility in carrying out its mission and vision.

Sofa very foundations are committed to upholding and maintaining Sunnah wal Jama’ah fahaman Expert by taking a role as a public educator needs balance between worldly and hereafter. ° Based education delivery and tarbiah Islamic intellectual and implemented through its institutions in order to give birth to beings Rabbani. He has diasaskan by originators Dato ‘Sheikh Mohammed bin Kamaludin Fuad al-Maliki.


  1. Berpandukan a separate philosophical, Sofa Foundation tarbiah desire to be an organization, propaganda, education and Sunnah wal Jama’ah Experts virtue respected, honored and gave a great impact to the rule of Islam.


  1. Berteraskan setting up educational institutions to the principles of Sunnah wal Jama’ah Experts specifically for birth scholars’ Sunnah wal Jama’ah expert and skilled Islamic scientists.
  2. Being pemangkin the rapidity advancement of science that is valid and useful.
  3. Deliver and disseminate accurate and valid information to the public through publications and materials bersumberkan scientific study reference materials are valid and advocacy seminars, courses and workshops.
  4. Waking the community and through strengthening the intellectual and spiritual Islami adab-adab.
  5. Aid and donations to the prosecutor’s knowledge, orphans and those in need.
  6. Conducting sessions study Islamic sciences which apply kaedah bersanad talaqqi and waging system.


Yayasan Sofa
E-mel: [email protected]
Tel.: 03-42666133 / 0192963653
Faks.: 03-42666106
Pejabat Urusan Yayasan Sofa Negeri Sembilan
Blok B-1-04,
Jalan 13D, Desa Permai,
Taman Dato’ Ahmad Razali,
68000 Ampang, Selangor.
STIAS. TEL : 06 – 4450 419 FAX : 06 – 4383 711
DaQwaH. TEL : 03 – 4266 4408 FAX : 03 – 4266 5408
KOLEJ ISLAM AS-SOFA . TEL : 03 – 4266 4408 FAX : 03 – 4266 5408

Jobs Available

YSNS like to offer to qualified applicants to fill vacant positions in educational institutes located in Negeri Sembilan and Selangor.

  1. GURU AKADEMIK ( DG41 )- 10 kekosongan
  2. GURU AGAMA/[email protected] ( DG41 )-12 kekosongan
  3. GURU TAHFIZ/ HAFIZ ( DG41 )-3 kekosongan
  4. PENSYARAH ( DG41 )- 6 kekosongan
  5. PENGURUS ( N41 )- 1 kekosongan
  6. PENOLONG PEGAWAI TADBIR ( N 27 )- 2 kekosongan
  7. PENOLONG PEGAWAI KEWANGAN ( W27 )- 2 kekosongan
  8. PENOLONG PEGAWAI MULTIMEDIA ( F27 )- 1 kekosongan
  9. PENGAWAL KESELAMATAN ( KP17 )- 1 kekosongan

Jobs Description

  • Please visit the link below for detail

Sites Reference

  1. www.yayasansofa.com

Submit Application

1. Applicants who are interested let fill borang ONLINE petition:

2. Resume and sijil-sijil need email to [email protected]

3. Subject (editorial) followed department email is a cult. Example: Employee Helper Kewangan (W27)

4. Status is a CONTRACT department.

5. Application form receiving end of solicitation is on or before 16 NOVEMBER 2012.

Closing date

  • 16 November 2012


  • Further information and how to apply, please follow : Click Here

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